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05 Oct 2019

"We arrived in the evening, settled in immediately. I immediately turn on the air conditioner - it works, but does not freeze. I immediately go back to the reception and report this. They shout: "Everything is fine, the engineer will come now, wait." We spun around like that, spun around and decided not to lose dinner, to go eat, and then continue this nonsense. After dinner, they decided to go check the temperature in the room again, and suddenly the conder went into mode during this time. We approach and can't believe our eyes - the door is open, the condor is scattered in pieces and 2 people are collecting it into a pile. To be honest, my mood immediately improved, for the first time in my life I gave a tip from the bottom of my heart. The room is spacious, cleaned well, everything is clean. No mold, fungi, cockroaches, etc. Although before leaving, they read other people's reviews and were ready to see it. The plumbing is in good working order, there are no leaks or drips anywhere. Two Russian channels on TV. Cleaning was done once in 7 days, soap and shampoo had to be asked from the cleaner. He gave me a handful without question. Wi-Fi only in the lobby. During peak hours, it is enough only for correspondence in the messenger. In the morning, when no one is around, the speed is normal. You can send files of 30-50 MB, view websites. Food is quite decent. Meat - chicken and beef, fish - horse mackerel (or squid), pangasius. Side dishes - puree, pasta, rice, etc. The rest - soups, salads, sliced sausage and cheese, pastries, jam, honey typical for Turkey and Egypt. The only thing that surprised me was that watermelons and melons are not too sweet, I would even say worse than Kherson melons. But the dates are big and juicy. The dishes are clean, although many people complain in the reviews. Maybe I just can't see dirt. The territory is large, well-kept. Two swimming pools, table tennis, billiards, football field. Buses go to the beach strictly according to the schedule, only seats. If there are more people interested, an additional bus is released right away (apparently the administration reads the reviews). HADABA coral beach is simply incomparable, there are many fish, an hour of time in the water flies by instantly. There are always free places, including in the shade under an umbrella. By the way, the beach is free for us, although in general, the entrance fee is $3 for outsiders. There is a toilet, there is no bar. There is somewhere to go in the evening. Not far from the industrial market, cafes, restaurants, clubs, anyone who really needs it will find a casino. In general, I think that the hotel justifies the category 4 *"
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